Ensure Google Ranking Factors By Outsourcing To SEO Professionals

Should you or should you not outsource SEO? There are a lot of factors to consider before making that crucial decision. Many companies are hesitant about outsourcing SEO. They have their own way of doing SEO and fear that others may not be able to do it as well. In other words, trust is a factor when deciding to outsource SEO or to handle SEO in-house.

That said, outsourcing SEO will benefit your business greatly. As they say at Red Canyon Media, “Outsourcing SEO saves you time and effort that could go towards more important assignments.” The key to success with outsourcing SEO is execution. In this article, we will discuss top Google ranking factors as well as why brands outsource and how to outsource.

Important Ranking Factors To Know For Google

There are many factors that impact your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). That said, here are the most important ranking factors out of the 200+ that you need to know must.

  • Backlinks – Links from other sites that come to yours need to be credible and relevant to your cause.
  • Business Listing – Consistency is key when it comes to your name, address, and phone number (NAP) being the same across the web. 
  • Content Depth – It is important that your content is thorough in relation to your keywords and is easy to understand.
  • Freshness – Many websites like news sites need fresh up to date content that gives their readers value.
  • HTTPS – People trust websites that are secure so work to get your SSL or website security credentials up to date.
  • Keywords – Make sure that keyword usage is the right amount and avoid overusing it to achieve quality content.
  • Mobile-Friendliness – Make sure your website is accessible and compatible across all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).
  • Page Speed – Make sure your website page speed is fast in order for users to stick around while achieving low bounce rates.
  • Searcher Intent – Make sure your web page is relevant to what your target audience is searching for.
  • Social Signals – Always check your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) to see how people are responding to your brand.

All these factors are paramount in determining how you stack up amongst the sea of online brands. Always work to be ahead of the game in each above category to have an advantage over the competition.

Why Do Brands Outsource SEO?

A common misstatement that people say about outsourcing is that they think everything needs to be outsourced. Not everything needs to be outsourced. Outsourcing only specific SEO jobs will help you focus your time on other important business situations. Here are some key situations in which outsourcing will benefit you.

  1. Outsource when you and your team have many things to do at once.
  2. Outsource when dealing with repetitive SEO tasks such as link building.
  3. Outsource when overwhelmed with keeping up with ranking factors and constant algorithm changes.

When you’re about to decide whether to outsource SEO or not, consider the time your team spends on SEO tasks instead of other important work. You will save money by outsourcing SEO as opposed to doing it in-house.

Three Steps To Outsourcing SEO

Once you decide that you want to outsource your SEO tasks, follow these three crucial steps:

  1. Set up a system such as an SOP (Standard Operating System) to ensure that jobs are performed to specifications.
  2. Hire a freelancer or a white-label agency to carry out SEO tasks.
  3. Work to manage your tasks via project management software like Basecamp or working with your white-label agency.

Outsourcing SEO Saves Time And Maximizes Performance

It is clear that outsourcing SEO tasks will help maximize the performance of your team. In addition, this saves you and your team time and money that could go to other important tasks. Looking for a white-label agency that achieves quality results, then consider the services Red Canyon Media offers. With quality services like these, you will be doing you and your employees a huge favor.

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