What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation And Does Your Home Need It?

When your house rests over a crawl space, it becomes the home of many pests and insects. Crawl space encapsulation can create a clean, dry area free from pests and mold that affect the air in your house.

What Are The Benefits Of Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation controls the airflow and humidity. When the moisture is high, mold grows. Humidity that is too high can cause damage to the wood under and around your house.

When you seal the area under your house, it will reduce water seepage, which causes mold to grow on surfaces.

It helps to eliminate water condensation. In the summer, warm, moist air blows through traditional crawling spaces and encounters cold drains. Condensation occurs and drips onto the floor, forming a puddle. This moisture dramatically increases the humidity and fuels the growth of mold.

Up to half of the air in the house comes from the crawl space.  Encapsulation will improve the health of the air. 

Due to the low humidity and accessibility, insects, termites, and rodents are less of a problem. A monitor in the crawl space also helps homeowners know precisely how high the humidity is and what they can do in case it is too high. 

Why do you have a Crawl Space?

Crawl spaces were built to buffer the house and the damp, wet earth below. This seemed to make sense, especially since they were also a convenient place to put utility cables and ductwork used to circulate air throughout the house.

Instead of serving as a buffer, crawl spaces actually collect water and create humid air. This humid environment introduces a number of problems, including mold and mildew, musty odors, and moist sills and framing that can lead to structural damage and pest infestations.

In recent years, the ability to track a home’s heating and cooling efficiency and air quality have shed light on the need for crawl space encapsulation

Open crawl spaces will need to be inspected by a technician to see if encapsulation will help you.

How Encapsulation Works

First, you must clean the area very well. Cleaning involves sweeping the space out, removing debris and any pests. During cleaning, the technical can use pest deterrent methods to help with any issues.

Next, you must attach the moisture barrier evenly on the floor joists to the foundations using a seal tape. You may need to install a dehumidifier to help remove any moisture that is already there. A remote humidity monitor will help you keep track of conditions in the crawl space. 

Who Should Encapsulate?

Although anyone with a crawl space can encapsulate, people living in humid and wet areas will benefit the most. Due to high humidity and moisture levels, mildew and mold multiply in dark crawl spaces.

Whenever you notice any signs of mold in or around your home, call an expert to remove the mold and have your crawl space encapsulated. If you live with someone susceptible to allergies, protect their health and encapsulate the house. Health is more important than the price you will pay for encapsulating.

How To Combat Hard Water On Your Glass Shower Enclosure

Glass shower enclosures are more resistant to mold than curtains are, making them an excellent choice for your shower. However, if hard water comes out of your showerhead, it can make the surface of your glass shower enclosure appear unsightly. Luckily, with the help of a glass glazing company, there are some ways to combat the effects of hard water on your shower enclosure.

Clean the Glass Doors

Because hard water contains a higher mineral count than soft water, you may notice a buildup on the doors. This buildup of soap scum and water spots is a direct result of mineral residue. When soap mixes with the minerals in the water, it forms an insoluble substance that leaves streaks on the glass. Over time, this scum can accumulate in the crevices of your shower tiles. It also has the potential to negatively affect the framework of the doors. The impacts of soap scum are one reason to consider custom frameless shower enclosures.

Otherwise, you’ll want to stay on top of cleaning. Using an environmentally friendly glass cleaner after each shower can make a world of difference toward eliminating water spots and soap scum. Of course, you’ll still want to perform deeper cleanings on a routine basis as well. Vinegar-water solutions can help clear soap scum from your shower doors. Simply combine the mixture with a bit of dish soap, spray it on the door, then use rags to thoroughly scrub off the scum. There are several other DIY cleaning solutions you can find online as well.

Install Frosted Glass

It may not be realistic for every homeowner to clean the shower doors after each use. If you find yourself in this position, don’t fret; there are other solutions out there. By installing frosted glass panes, for example, you can hide the signs of hard water in between cleanings. Frosted glass panes allow for decent lighting in the shower area, but the textured panes make it more difficult to notice water spots and soap scum. You can work with a professional to customize your glass to mask hard water spots. If you feel so inclined, you can even have your doors designed with intricate patterns, including flowers, motifs, or other designs.

Consider Custom Frameless Shower Enclosures by a Glass Glazing Company

Another option to help combat the effects of hard water is to install a custom frameless shower enclosure. Cleaning is simplified with frameless shower enclosures. The doors are easy to wipe down, and it’s usually faster to get in and out to clean the rest of the shower. Because the doors are designed without seals, there is no place for water, soap and minerals to build up.

This translates to a reduced risk of mold and a more hygienic shower enclosure overall. Plus, with a custom design, your enclosure will be tailor-fit to your bathroom and personal style. A professional glass glazing company can help answer your questions and, when it’s time, begin the installation process. Remember, despite the effects of hard water, it’s still possible to maintain a beautiful shower enclosure!