6 Ways to Update your Onsite Content in 2021

The challenges faced during 2020 taught consumers and businesses alike the value of e-commerce. One of the most effective ways to help your business flourish in the post-pandemic economy of 2021 and beyond is to focus on digital advertising. If it’s been a while since you seriously assessed your content, now is the time.

Top Strategies to Improve your Digital Advertising

Does your brand need a refresh in 2021? While an extreme change in branding can be confusing to existing customers, your website may benefit from some updating. Clever logos and trendy color palettes are only a small part of what makes a brand stand out above the rest. Your time and advertising budget is better spent on improving the customer user experience.

It’s difficult to be objective, but try to look at your website from the perspective of a first-time visitor and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is my technology up-to-date?

Every layer of your technology should be updated and monitored to ensure your website runs optimally and remains secure for you and your customers. The cost of cyberattacks could ruin your business. Keep security software updated and perform regular checks.

2. Does my content apply SEO best practices?

Too many websites fail to rank in searches because they don’t take advantage of basic SEO. Simple things like using commonly searched keywords, adding alt tags, meta tags, and title tags can make a huge difference. And while you’re at it, make sure your content is free of errors and scores high in readability—shoot for an 8th-grade reading level.

3. Is my website ADA accessible?

You may think the answer is automatically yes, but are you sure? Some people with disabilities use the web differently than others. Limiting your site’s accessibility can not only cost you sales but could make you vulnerable to a lawsuit. You can learn more about web accessibility here.

4. Is my website mobile-friendly?

It’s no surprise that “doom scrolling” became a thing in 2020. Americans have grown to love our mobile lifestyles more than ever. If your business doesn’t already have an app, check into a progressive web application or PWA. A PWA is a website that looks and responds like an app but costs less to build.

5. Am I making the most of social media?

Americans spend hours every day interacting with social media. Decisions to visit a website or buy a product are heavily influenced by social media. Being active on all social media is probably the easiest and least expensive way to improve your digital advertising. Start by adding a “share” button to your content.

6. Are the images on my site interesting and up-to-date?

Images are a great way to get attention and encourage visitors to share the content on your site. When possible, use stock images or hire a professional photographer for product photos. Low-quality photos make a site look untrustworthy. Check the images on older blogs and other older content. Images that may have been fine when first used can become tired or even offensive over time.

Just as regular cleaning and rearranging are needed in a brick and mortar store, the content in your e-commerce store needs regular refreshing too. Get ready for record-breaking sales in 2021 by upgrading your digital advertising with these suggestions.

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